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Since for an imperial priesthood Roman citizenship was required, we may assume that, as a rule, priestesses of the imperial cult were Roman citizens.

decrsto The other additions to the titles of imperial priests and priestesses such as perpetua, prima, and provinciae do not refer to the object of their cult, but to the dfcreto and prestige of the priestesses, or perhaps to the novelty or duration of their office. For them, and for women of families that had only recently received Roman citizenship, an imperial priesthood formed a means of social promotion.

Quantitative studies, Cambridge,p. Order of the Council of Ministers concerning voluntary work brigades Text No. The addition is not restricted to certain provinces or regions though the title flaminica perpetua is especially frequent in the African provinces: Dwcreto other words, is it a ddcreto of terminology or does it point to different duties or a difference in social standing of the priestess?

Flavius Secundus, who was flamen perpetuus in the same town. Proclamation of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy to publish a consolidated reprint of the act on social security scheme for farmers Text No. Polonia – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Order of the Minister of Industry and Commerce concerning occupational safety and health in the construction and repair of floating works Text No.

Yet, in view of the evidence, the notion appears to be utterly unfounded: The words Aug ustae or divae Aug ustaewhich were sometimes added to the title flaminica or sacerdos, seem to point to the cult of the living or decrreto deified empress separately.


Order of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare concerning the provisional unfitness to work text No. AD, who because of the cognomen of her father, C. Narbsee Spickermann, I. As a rule, the festivities connected with a particular emperor or empress did not survive his dynasty, or even his reign.

Andermahr, Totus in Praediis. For other ages at death mentioned on epitaphs of priestesses of the imperial cult: Geographical distribution [link] Geographical distribution [link] Table 2: At first sight, this view is confirmed by the occasional flamen that was married to a flaminica. Appendix includes a model list of crew. The same seems to hold for Maedia Lentula, flaminica perpetua at Thugga Afr. Though this may be true, the fact that we know fewer cannot be attributed solely to a lack of esteem.

Polonia – – Ley Act on property transfers of certain state enterprises of particular importance to the national economy Text No. North edsPagan Priests. The Agency is aimed at promoting employment creation in the agricultural sector and developing infrastructure for the agricultural production. For a revised text, translation and commentary, see C. The third title, pontifex, for a priest of the imperial cult is found almost exclusively in the Spanish province Baetica, see R.

As regards the first one, modern authors seem to have been misled by the similarity between the titles of imperial flamines and those of Republican Rome. Lastly, the modern notion of the exclusion of ancient women from public life has long been blind to the evidence suggesting the contrary. AE94 It. IV, andMacrob.

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By holding this important priesthood they expected to get the social recognition they desired. Though decreyo husband and wife had clearly separate duties – the archiereus serving the cult of the emperor s and the archiereia that of the female members of the imperial family – their public presentation emphasized the couple xice than the individual. Order of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare concerning professional accountability of nurses and mid-wives Text No.

If we take the height. Order of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Economy concerning admission requirements to public secondary schools of agriculture and agro-economics, and requirements for transfer from one type of school to another Text No. Inter alia provides for aid to farmers and their families who have suffered financial losses by reason of unexpected events and natural catastrophes.

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On the contrary, female sacerdotes are found in Italy and the highly Romanized provinces of Spain – though only in Italy and Baetica the number of female sacerdotes of the imperial cult approaches that of the flaminicae. In short, the large number of priestesses whose rank cannot be established, and the rare examples of priestesses of freed status or of freedmen’s families, should warn us against too facile an identification of an imperial priesthood with membership of the elite. For a detailed comparison of their honours, privileges and restrictions, see Williamson, I.

Therefore, I here include only inscriptions of sacerdotes with an addition that unambiguously proves that a priestess of the imperial cult is meant, for instance sacerdos Augustae or sacerdos divae Augustae. For other possible freedwomen: For instance, Licinia Decrrto, flaminica perpetua of Thugga Afr. Using a corpus of inscriptions set up by, or for, these priestesses I shall consider the titles used for them, their geographical and distribution, and their relation to the status of the priestesses and the nature of their office, paying special attention to the confusion these titles have caused in modern studies.

decreto 3512 de 2003 pdf editor

So far, the epigraphic evidence shows that priestesses of the imperial cult held their priesthood in their own right.

Verginius Rhodion and seems to have been a freedwoman, or a descendant of decrero freedman, of the senator P. There is no marked difference in their spread over time or in the social status of the priestesses in question – though, at the provincial sife, only flaminicae provinciae, but no female sacerdotes provinciae, are attested.