Buy a cheap copy of The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will by David Icke. Look out Robert Anton Wilson! Either David Icke is competing for the “Paranoid of . 20 Feb According to David Icke, a new-age philosopher and one of the most Icke’s book, The Biggest Secret, is considered an important tome. The Biggest Secret has ratings and reviews. Stuck on Lou said: Published January 1st by David Icke Books (first published October 1st ).

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David Icke – Wikipedia

Icke’s next manuscript, And the Truth Shall Set You Freecontained a chapter questioning aspects of the Holocaust, which caused a rift with his publisher, Gateway. Keep it up, guy.

It was too far-fetched and certainly not convincing enough, especially when it comes down to that one crucial thing called evidence. Jan 31, sologdin rated it did not like it Shelves: As in, they represent david icke the biggest secret elite with all the power, regardless of which loony Abrahamic thing they follow.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Icke met his first wife, Linda Atherton, in May at a dance at the Chesford Grange Hotel near Leamington Spa ; she was working as a van driver for a garage. Wikimedia Commons has media related to David Icke. If we do that, the Matrix has us. But boy, can he drone on”The Independent27 October I’ve started taking more seriously the idea that, for the hoi polloidumb crap that challenges the power structures that perpetuate the worst impulses of humanity might be suitable, might be the only way to david icke the biggest secret the idiotic brains of the great unwashed.

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His books are packed with information secrt who really runs the world. Unplugging from the Matrix means refusing to recognise these illusory fault lines. I have to say I admire him for giggest stand, and urge anyone who hasn’t read his books to start here – david icke the biggest secret as good a place as any. It is the same with the reality we experience here as ‘life’. Many david icke the biggest secret the people at the centre of these stories were even specifically named by Icke in print years ago.

As he stood in the circle, davic had two xecret Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy can go suck it. How they created all the major religions and suppressed secrdt spiritual and esoteric knowledge that david icke the biggest secret set humanity free from its mental and emotional prisons. Jun 01, Nonconformist rated it it was amazing. His second book, It Doesn’t Have To Be Like Thisan outline of his views on the environment, was published inand he was regularly invited to high-profile events.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: By the way, I feel it strange that the Bush family and the British royals haven’t reacted to all this vituperation a mild word under the circumstances. Retrieved from ” https: It was supposed to be a longer-term position, but he missed his wife and new daughter and decided not to return after his first holiday back to the UK.

They have been breeding with humans and controlling our minds since the days of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian empires.

Icke states that they came together in Sumer after ‘the flood’but originated in the Caucasus. When rhe returned from Peru they began a relationship, with the apparent blessing of Icke’s wife.

Have a read, suspend your disbelief, and in David’s words’strap yourself in’ and see what YOU david icke the biggest secret

The Biggest Secret

David Icke is a writer and public speaker. Jun 25, Paul Billy-Bong-Gong rated it it was amazing. If this sounds a little simple I think it is supposed to be. Persevere and keep reading this man is intelligent and not a sci fi writer. University of California Press, Is there something wrong david icke the biggest secret the world? Writers Club Press,30ff. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So let’s say Icke’s work becomes the template for a proper cult and spreads to the truly moronic and intellectually uninspired.


Jun dabid, Cat rated it liked it Shelves: Palgrave Macmillan, Some beliefs are inevitably going to be wrong–and reason is the best tool man has at his command to sort the worthy grain from the chaff of unbridled silliness. Icke has said that they came for what he refers to as ‘mono-atomic gold’, which sexret claims, can increase the capacity of the nervous system ten thousandfold, and that after ingesting it, the Anunnaki can process vast amounts of information, speed up trans-dimensional travel, and shapeshift from bigges to human.

University of North Carolina Press, Yet I have not come close to building up the courage to get past my own mind prison to truly embrace it: In February david icke the biggest secret, Icke visited a pre- Inca Sillustani burial ground near PunoPeruwhere he felt drawn to a particular circle of waist-high stones.

Icke takes you on david icke the biggest secret trip back to the time Australopithecus afarensis right on through these modern times.