Editorial Reviews. Review. “The Corinthian remains one of my favorite Georgette Heyer books a treat and a keeper.” – Lesa’s Book Critiques “hilarious. Georgette Heyer wrote The Corinthian a few months after the tragic death of her brother-in-law, a close friend, in one of the early battles of. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Heyer, ioned.

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I read the biography of the author in this book and When I saw the date it was written I understood why she is so good. The wit isn’t quite as incisive, maybe. I am truly grateful to you! Georhette Richard was not precisely sober, but although the brandy fumes had produced in his brain a not unpleasant sense of irresponsibility, they had by no means fuddled his intellect.

Heyer writes such wonderful novels that it is saying a lot to label one as a favorite! I liked Faro’s Daughter more, since I feel the couple had better chemistry. She is willing to become betrothed to Sir Richard Wyndham to save her family from financial ruin. How is one to decide upon which book gforgette start first?

Corinrhian doesn’t believe in love for people of her kind, and is described as an iceberg. Every book have o Heyer is a master in her genre.

The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer, A Review | Jane Austen’s World

I admit that felt kinda silly to me. Richard, passing by, rescues her and very quickly sees through her disguise. Published November 23rd by Arrow first published Sir Richard unfobbed his snuff-box with a flick of one practised finger, and took a pinch.

Georgette Hayer did not disappoint. The minor characters, while being familiar, had enough life to become more than cardboard cut-outs.


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Oct 31, Kris rated it really liked it Shelves: I hadn’t thought of that. In some instances, I will remove links from comments as well.

The hero and heroine are absolutely adorable together. Celebrating Georgette Heyer — Day 07 Giveaway. Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 7th, Sourcebooks Casablanca June 1, Language: Guest review by Danielle of A Work in Progress.

I make no profit off my blog. Sir Richard Wyndham was the epitome of bored, rich man of the ton –at 29 just a bit young for all that ennui.

The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer. The Corinthian takes you on a madcap journey through the English countryside with numerous misadventures along the way – all so cleverly wrought by the author. I love the way he talks but it makes it so obvious what his profession is to a “knowing one” such as Richard. Frederick Griffin — Cousin of Penelope Creed.

And now only his masked emotions and the shifting impulses of her own wild young heart would tell what their destiny would be I really think the bizarre case with the Bow Street Runner was really too much. Also, the ending did not feel conclusive at all, I felt like a whole chapter was missing! Heyer twisted the plot and characters later on to create another novel Sprig Muslin, which is one of heyerr top favourites. Arabella was my first introduction to Georgette Heyer too.

He agrees to help her by escorting her, still disguised as a boy, to the home of her childhood playmate who is her choice for a husband. There’s another female character of her own age to contrast with and Lydia is full of “sensibility. Is this your house? I’ve found a new Heyer Hero Favorite.


He eventually helps her improve her disguise and the two go off together as uncle and nephew or tutor and student, or any of several other ruses on a journey to return Penelope to her home, where she thinks she will be welcomed with open arms.

Click here to enter the page. In an effort to hide her betrothal to, and meetings with, Piers Luttrell she pretends that Pen Creed in her boy’s disguise is her suitor. Innocent and brave heroine Pen and handsome and honourable hero Richard are both charmers and I was thoroughly rooting for their coronthian story. Heyer’s masterful writing style is on display from the opening scene when Richard’s mother, sister and brother-in-law descend on Richard’s mansion in St.

Regency Buck Regency Romances. Her books are just absolutely sweet, darling things. If you went with me, no one would know what had become of you. He was a very notable Georgettw. He boxes like a champion, drives his horses like an Apollo, and dresses to the nines.

Just using his mother as an example: Want to Read saving…. My husband and I are expecting our first daughter we have two sons in October and Penelope is our top choice for a girl name. Never mind; sit down, and let us talk this matter over. In the process he avoids a betrothal to Melissa Brandon, whose family are relying on him to help them out of their financial difficulties.