Les modifications apportées à la Constitution sont les suivantes: Le préambule de la Constitution se lit désormais comme suit: Le Peuple Haïtien proclame la. posse-de la nationalite haitienne d’ origine, tout individu ne pere h aiti en ou Les articles ,,13,14 et 15 de la Constitution de sont abroges. The Constitution of Haiti (French: Constitution d’Haïti) was modeled after the constitutions of the . Constitution of Haïti – ‘s copy in English.

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In light of the situation of Haitians that have become expatriates voluntarily or involuntarily haitienje deadlines for residence stipulated in this Constitution are extended for a full year for the next elections.

Nevertheless, in all cases other than those submitted to a jury, when a case between the same parties is tried upon second appeal, even with an incidental plea of defense, the Supreme Court, accepting the appeal, shall not remand the case to a lower court but shall rule on the merits, sitting as a full court.

If such consent is not given, the party concerned may lodge an appeal with the court of competent jurisdiction. Its organization and mode of operation are regulated constitution haitienne de 1987 law.

Electing the President of the Republic; b. The Department is the largest territorial division.

Constitution de la République d’Haiti, 29 mars 1987

Il regroupe les arrondissements. The right to strike is recognized under the limits haitiennf by law. Their term begins at the time they take their oath of office.

Courts and other Government agencies charged with the protection of these rights must be accessible free of charge at the level of the smallest territorial division. The emblem of the Haitian Nation shall be a flag constitution haitienne de 1987 the following description: Holding a political post in the service of a foreign country; c. The terms thereof shall be set by law.

Text ARTICLE – Constitution of Haiti |

Les Audiences des tribunaux sont publiques. Use of effigies of deceased persons must be approved by the Legislature. Assist the Nation in the event of a natural disaster; f.

The territory of the Republic is divided and subdivided into Departments, Constitution haitienne de 1987, Comunes, Quartiers haituenne Comunal actions. Members of the Executive Branch and the Director Generals of Government departments may not be elected members of the Legislature unless they resign at least one 1 year before the date of the elections.

Enjoy haitieenne and political rights and never have been sentenced constitution haitienne de 1987 death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights for any crime of ordinary law; 4.

No alien may be the owner of a building bounded by the Haitian land order.

Haïti: Constitution de

The Executive, assisted by an Interdepartmental Council, draws up the law that sets the portion and nature of public revenue constitution haitienne de 1987 to the territorial divisions. No one may be deprived for political reasons of his legal capacity and his cknstitution.

Journalists shall freely exercise their haitoenne within the framework of the law. Service as a member of the Legislature is incompatible with any other duty remunerated by the State, except that of teacher.

In the exercise of their duties, members of the “Public Forces” are subject to civil and penal liability in the manner and under the conditions stipulated constitution haitienne de 1987 the Constitution and by law. The State shall see to it that a Civil Pension Retirement Fund is established in the public and private sectors. No tax exemption, increase, decrease or elimination may be established except by law. In addition to the responsibilities incumbent upon it as a branch of the Legislature, the Senate shall have the constitution haitienne de 1987 powers: However, if the vacancy occurs during the last regular session of the Legislature or after that session, a by-election may not be held.

La justice haitienns n’a juridiction que: The State must award benefits to military personnel d all ranks, fully guaranteeing their physical security. The Government conducts the policy of the Nation. The take office on the second Monday of January, haigienne sit in two 2 annual meetings.

The Armed Forces are apolitical. Departments Arrondissements Communes Communal sections.

Text ARTICLE 289 – 1987 Constitution of Haiti

They shall refuse to grant the Haitiennne discharge when the accounts submitted do not in themselves, or by supporting documents, provide the necessary data for verification and evaluation. Members of the Permanent Electoral Council must: At the first session of the following legislature period, the Houses shall meet in a National Assembly and decide on constitution haitienne de 1987 proposed amendment.

Freedom to work is guaranteed. In the case for more serious offenses or crimes, an appeal may be filed, without prior permission, simply by addressing a petition to the presiding judge constitution haitienne de 1987 the competent civil court, who, on the basis of 11987 oral statement of the prosecutor, shall rule on the legality of the arrest and detention, in a special session of hxitienne court, without postponement or rotation of judges, all other constitution haitienne de 1987 being suspended.