Bullshot Crummond has all the right ingredients: scheming villains who’ll stop at The answer lies, I think, in Ron House’s year-old script. Bullshot Crummond () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. moronic female lead – the actor playing her co-wrote the script and, remember, it is satire!. Hugh “Bullshot“ Crummond, tries too hard to be funny. At first the authors of the script make Bullshot seem like a brilliant Dudley Do-Right.

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Bullshot Crummond

Sherman is hilarious as Captain Hugh Bullshot Crummond. Context is obviously everything here!

This film is simply awesome. Palin, a gifted comic writer, could perhaps have got something out of this story. He would be coined a male chauvinist. In the s the fictional English flying ace Bulldog Drummond, scrpit by Hector ”Sapper” McNeil, solved crime after crime in the manner of an airborne Sherlock Holmes or, if you prefer, a retrograde James Bond.

The resulting film, based on a stage play, compares favourably with those wild, wacky American vullshot ‘Airplane!

Bullshot crummond download

Order Now This parody of low-budget 30s detective movies typifies British heroism at its dumbest. The real Otto shows up, paralyzes Crummond with a fiendish ray and crams a stick of dynamite in Crummond’s mouth that will explode when the next person enters the room.

The production derives its humor from the audacious attempt to transpose effects normally reserved for films to the stage. I was vaguely aware that there was a fictional character named Bulldog Drummond, but at the time I didn’t know much about him.


The problem is that ”Bullshot,” chronicling the adventures of one Capt. There is nothing Pythonesque about this romp however. Some of the following tropes from the film may also apply to the original play, but somebody who’s seen it is going to have to sort them out. You couldn’t put him down. There is a definite attraction between her and Crummond. Within the small amount of neck movement available to me under the magnetic paralysis, I formed my nasal cavity into a type of Liebig condenser, thereby concentrating the alcohol fumes in one place.

Appropriate for all audiences Set Requirements: This film deserves better treatment from the British media executive’s and should be given more credit and than what it as ever had. If you like Mel Brooks movies you’ll probably like this. I’ve done pwetty well without bwains so far! ShadeGrenade 15 July Over the top plummy English accents and twee customs only serve to enhance the viewing delights!!

The second reason why “Bullshot” is such a mess is that parody is harder than it looks.

Bullshot Crummond Auditions

Crummond loses the ensuing saber duel with Otto. You’ll never be able to look at a chicken in quite the same way again. He can work out complicated mathematical equations in the blink of an eye, and wins the boat race at the Henley Regatta all on his own!

She has been brought up to believe cru,mond men are superior to women but her red blooded spirit comes through in some moments of danger. David LandauNikki Stern.


BULLSHOT CRUMMOND – Spoof laughs less hearty as gags pass use-by date

Despite his tendency to indulge in stirring patriotic speeches, he contrives to scrpt a bigger fascist than his arch-enemy. I decided, however, to find out some more about my dog’s literary namesake- I even managed to track down a copy of one of the “Bulldog Drummond” books in a second-hand bookshop and attempted to read it.

Its subtle and downright silly all at the same time but desperately clever. Unfortunately, I found it sscript unreadable. Various devices for creating Vocal Reiteration voice mimickingConverse Forcefield immobilisation bullsnotand Gaseous Particle Propellant marijuana dispenser.

It falls into the category of ‘totally cringe-making’. Along with Goldcrest, Handmade were one of the driving engines of the great revival of the British film industry in the s.

In the immortal words of You need to login to do this.

The static electricity temporarily neutralised the forcefield, giving me time to take advantage of the inflammable properties of the brandy that you offered me earlier. Highpoints was the drugging of a room full of scientists including Einstein with marijuana.