Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. Fill Dd Fillable, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. The purpose of this document is to levy uniform requirements for ap,n of the DD Form , “Contract Security. Classification Specification,” for contracts.

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Process a Customer Chapter 2. This blahk the field to select if the contractor will be receiving, generating, and having access at the cleared contractor facility, as well as a government installation or another cleared contractor site.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Use this item for any other information not included in 10a through 10j. These include but are not limited to: Review service records Close. These are some of the questions that should be asked when preparing guidance for a contractor.

If the contract is with non-US Industry foreign governments, cleared foreign companies dd2544 international organizations additional guidance is on a case-by-case basis. Exit a Customer Objectives Perform exit summary process consisting of the following steps: Well, if there nlank a security violation or problem we discover during your inspection, WE want to be able to communicate that to the ultimate owner.

The material transferred should be reflected in Item It is our hope that if you are a Principal Investigator for a government contract that involves classified information that you will work directly with the official Grants and Contracts Representative for your contract and with the NMSU Facility Security Officer.

The program and ISS should conduct this review in coordination with the program manager of the requiring activity and contracting office to ensure that existing security requirements are consistent with the contract requirements.

Understanding the DD

If you have an incorrect response, you will see an explanation or an action item to consider. Download ppt “Contract Security Classification Specification”.


Mark “YES” when access or storage of classified information is not required at the contractor’s facility. At what stage in its production does it become classified?

Dd254 Form

Custom Statutory Programs Chapter 3. Determine Eligibility Chapter 4. Draw Requests amount must agree with. In other words, copies should be sent to: The action could be research, development, production, study, services, etc. Revisions to the DD Form will be completed whenever the security guidance or pertinent information changes, or when a change in mission occurs impacting the contract, to ensure security requirements remain current and relevant throughout the contract lifecycle.

Block 3b should be checked if it is a revised DD, show a revision number and a date that the revision was issued. This is not a “short” module. Operations Division, Fort George G. The contractor issuing the subcontract enters the subcontract number.

Your completion of this question will allow you to submit an acknowledgement of your training and to print a certificate of completion. By checking the blocks for the preprinted items on the DDthe issuer provides the contractor with a brief summary of the security requirements that apply to the contract.

You should enter a statement in Item 13 that explains the services and that provides appropriate security guidance.

Any guidance provided to contractors to explain protection requirements for classified information exchanged under bilateral agreements must be conveyed through security contract clauses, and not a DD Form Coordinate with program and other security offices to ensure the appropriate controls are imposed on the contractor or subcontractor. Mark “YES” if the CSO is relieved, in whole or in part, of the responsibility to conduct security reviews and provide security oversight to the contractor.

In response to the contractors request dated ,retention of the identified classified material is authorized for a period of: Classification markings on the material to be furnished will provide the classification guidance necessary for performance of this contract. Is there technical information which will require protection?

The Contracting Office will then send to the contractor, in writing, notification that the DD Form remains valid until the next review or a change occurs in the program. Mark “YES” if the contractor is performing a service only and is not expected to produce a deliverable item. The Security Agreement DDexecuted between the government and all cleared facilities under the NISP, obligates the Government to provide the contractor appropriate classification guidance for the protection of the classified information, furnished to or generated by, the contractor in the performance of a classified contract.


The instructions in the main body of the pamphlet correspond to the numbered items in the form. Are there design features which require protection?

Contract Security Classification Specification – ppt video online download

The DD Form provides to the contractor or a subcontractor the security requirements and the classification guidance that would be necessary to perform on a classified contract. The DD is a contractual specification.

Insert the highest level of safeguarding capability required for the contractor to perform on the contract. Before a GCA or Prime Contractor issues a solicitation for a classified contract a determination should be made as to whether or not access to classified will be required during the solicitation process. You should enter a statement in Item 13 that explains the services and that provides appropriate security guidance.

Include or omit section 13 guidance as appropriate. Does the entire Prime Contract DD apply to the subcontract or do you only need to provide applicable portions? Some examples are provided below. You can use this module to understand your current DD or to learn how to collaborate and make appropriate recommendations for a new buisiness opportunity with the government.

Classification markings on the material to be furnished will provide the classification guidance necessary for the performance of this contract. The Prime Contractor must receive approval from the GCA to authorize A subcontractor access to foreign government information. Your careful planning will establish your government contract as an example of NMSU’s commitment to supporting sensitive, controlled, or classified government research.