report developer uses Actuate JavaScript API to enhance report interactivity and data . interface, and how to create a BIRT report, see BIRT: A Field Guide. 19 Jul The embedded reporting tool in the Maximo Releases is BIRT, This guide is intended for a technical report developer, who is very familiar. Report Developer Guide. IBM Tivoli Change and Chapter 1: Loading and Configuring BIRT Report Designer. BIRT Report Designer Source Files.

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Enter the fully qualified path to a sample XML file. You can add additional report parameters birt report developer guide support custom processors. When defining additional report parameters, you must deselect Is Required and you must provide a default value for the custom report processor parameter.

To ensure that the child table displays content appropriate for the current row of the parent table, you must apply a data filter to the child table. Text is available under the Creative Commons 4. The Cheat Sheet view provides design guidance after the wizard completes. Click the folder button and navigate to the location birt report developer guide your sub-folder on the file system e.

Next Steps

You can limit the data included in reports by defining filtering conditions. For example, describe the value that is returned by the column binding, such as ActionCodes.

In the Data Set Name field, enter repott name for the merged data set.

Creating Internal Links Between Report Items You can create links between two related report items in a report design. Create a report with a hyperlink The following example creates a main report with a hyperlink and a drill-through sub-report.

Bjrt in the Project Explorer view white space birt report developer guide select Paste.

Optional In the categoryId field, associate the report type with an existing category. See the Eclipse documentation for more information. Select the sub-report then click Open to store the report.


Design Studio includes the following example report projects and example reports that support the reporting features. The new data set and fields will be listed under Data Sets in the Data Explorer tab. Adding an Alias or Display Birt report developer guide to a column modifies the name of the columns in the preview and Report Designer interface.

For example, a report can summarize the structure of the solution by listing projects and dependencies, or a birt report developer guide can summarize the composition of a service.

You can define rules that map values bit a database column to values in a report column.

Actuate 11SP4 Documentation

You develop custom report designs in Eclipse plug-in projects and plug-in projects are associated with feature projects. A data set that returns report data can now be created from the previously created data source. In the left pane, select the created freetext data set from the drop-down menu. Use a naming convention to distinguish columns intended to appear in reports from columns intended guice computing birt report developer guide.

Select the Palette tab gudie activate the Palette pane. The filter is applied to the child table for each row of the parent table. Business logic features enable you to convert raw data to information required by a user.

The report details are as follows: The hyperlink feature will not work if PDF is selected as the target format for the report. If there are no report design files inside the zip, you will see a warning dialog informing you to upload another file because that one is not valid.

Report parameters can include simple parameters that a user can enter or a predefined list created from a table or several tables. When developing custom report designs, test birt report developer guide and use iterative implementations to reduce issues. The New Parameter birt report developer guide box appears.

The Join Data Set wizard appears. The Resource Explorer view, which you use to view all biet and shared content, such as images and script files. Solution designers install the features from update sites to gain access to the custom report designs that are included in the features. Select a File location for storing the report design, by checking the Use default box, or clicking Browse to select a location from the local file system.


See “About Data Sets” for more information. Customizes existing Design Studio reports rsport creates new reports to meet reporting requirements.

For some operators, a value is birt report developer guide required. Contributes content to reports. In the reportDesign field, enter the relative path of the report design birt report developer guide or click Browse to select the file from birt report developer guide list. Rsport can create links between two related report items in a report design.

IBM Maximo _Designer _ Report Development Guide – United States

Also, users generating reports may select an output format that is not best-suited for a particular report design. The display report will only contain information that matches the entered values.

See “About Report Designs” for more information.

You add table of contents Birt report developer guide entries in various places in a report design to identify the types of information to be included in a TOC. Before you can create a data set for Design Studio reports, you birt report developer guide first create the Data Source entity that defines how to obtain reporting information from Design Studio. Design Studio includes a report design example that you can use as a reference or as a starting point for creating your own custom report designs.

Table displays common column mapping XPath expression patterns: