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Resplendent like sun spotless, the Being Supreme Unaffected by delusion saints hold you in high esteem They conquer death on Thy realization Being the only sure way of securing salvation. Stotra Nidhi – Transcripts from stotras. Shri Dhananjaya told the king very politely that his all wisdom and knowledge was due to his teacher Acharya Mantunga a Jain Munihe said that all the knowledge is due to the blessings of Acharya Mantunga. Serenity of Thine face is matchless Is feast for mortals celestial sight Moon trying to vie with it, is helpless Spot it has bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit obscurity in day light.

So all the prayers and requests of King were all in vain. This app contains powerful life changing prayers. But up to that time looking unfavorable situations, Acharya decided to remain silent during such conditions. What to say of Thy attributes glorious Mere mention destroys sins notorious Just as lotus flowers bloom with delight Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit falls on them remote sun’s light.

bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit

Bhaktamar Stotra

The King Bhoj became angry and he ordered to bring the Acharya forcefully in his royal court. King came there and he ordered the soldiers to tie Acharya firmly with strong chains and kept in the prison having bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit locks. Acharya automatically came out of prison.

At that time Acharya were staying at Bhojpur and doing Tapa Penance for self realization – purification. Secret mantra of Bhaktamar Stotra added. Servants returned to King and told about their failure. Acharya again recited Bhaktamar Stotra and all the 48 locks with chains broken. He came out of the locks, and went out of the locks, and went straight out of the prison. O Lord, Thy halo dispels the darkness perpetual Of what use is then sun of usual and moonlight Of what use are the clouds full of rains When all the fields flow with ripe grains.

One Jain poet Dhananjaya was also becoming famous those days in the city. With Thy grace, prayer I bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit Pleasant soothing to people’s mind When water drops on lotus flower Shine, it imparts of pearls kind. The best collection of Lord Krishna high definition ringtones and wallpapers. The cuckoo sings sweet notes in the spring Buds of mango tree provide the urge Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit idiotic like a laughing stock I sing Thy praise, devotion imparts the surge.


One day King Bhoj called Dhananjaya in his royal court and get introduced with him and praised him for his poems and wisdom. Bhaktamar is also used to relax and calm your body, it makes mind stress free.

Only those go bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit the court who are either concerned with it or have committed an offence. Each and every bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit of Bhaktamara reveals his enlightening devotion and infinite faith in the Lord Jina.

Hhaktamar stars in all directions appear It is only the East from which the sun does rise Numberless sons other mothers bear A son like Thee is Thy mother’s prize. The stohra and prayers sansmrit Manatunga bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit thus in full brim, flowing with stotraa unbound energy of chain-reaction. On Thee a person sansskrit attention Excludes everything else to mention After taste of nectar from milky ocean Who will bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit saline water notion.

Stotras, ashtottaras, wtotra, vratas, subhashitas in Kannada. Sun suffers eclipse, clouds obscure its light It sets, disappears leaving darkness in the night Thou art not such a sun, Thy infallible light Illumines the universe and for obstacles, too bright.

Thus Acharya Manatunga was put under bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit in forty-eight chambers under locks and chains. In the prison Acharya Mantunga entered the heavenly realms of the Lord Adinath and started the prayer of Bhagwan Adinath. My desire to praise Thee is insolence Using various expressions sheer ignorance No wise man would catch the reflection Of moon bhxktamar water, a childish action. Lord of the universe its decoration and grandeur There is none else here to match your splendour Because ingredients of your attributes of non attachment Were the only ones in the world without replacement.

Incapable still I pray with sanslrit Moved by urge without hesitation Faces lion, a mother deer To rescue her little one without fear. But ascetic saints have no purpose in meeting with King or any other persons.

Try Google Play with Chrome. The king had to realize the power of Janism and surrendered completely to the facts. Transliteration bhakt a mara-pra n ata-maulima n i-prabh a n a – mudyotakam dalita-p a pa-tamovit a nam samyak pra n amya jina p a dayugam bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit a d a – v a lambanam bhavajale patat a m jan a n a m 1 ya h sa n stuta h sakala-v a ng aya- tatva-bodh a – d -ud bh u ta- buddhipa t ubhi h suralokan a thai h stotrairjagattritaya chitta-harairudarai h sto sh ye kil a hamapi tam prathamam jinendram 2 bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit a vin a api vibudh a rchita p a dap i th a stotum samudyata matirvigatatrapoaham b a lam vih a ya jalasa n sthitamindu bimba bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit manya sanksrit ka ichchhati jana h sahas a grah i tum 3 vaktum gu bhzktamar a n gu n asamudra shash a nkk a nt a n kaste kshama h suragurupratimoapi buddhy a kalp a nta – k a l – pavanoddhata – bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit ko v a tar i tumalamambunidhim bhuj a bhy a m 4.


The guards awoke and saw this miracle, but thinking about the self-ignorance, he again closed Acharya in prison and checked the locks firmly. The beauty of Thy face, O Lord, transcends that of moon Which sets, suffers, eclipse, disappears in the clouds soon Thou dispels delusion moon the darkness of night Thou illumines universe moon makes a planet bright. Servants do the same and thus Acharya were brought before King Bhoj.

He prayed, “O Excellence!

Bhaktamar Stotra of Bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit Manatunga. But after sometime locks of prison again opened and Acharya were free again. No wonder they attain Thy position Who recite Thy attributes with devotion Such masters hardly get commendation Who raise not their servants to bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit elevation.

Bhajtamar were constituted of as many ultimate particles as they were full of the peaceful love. This is the the reason for your unparallel and beautiful form in the whole universe.

Seeing this the guards hurried to the king and told him about the event. Looking this miracle, the whole city assembled on the prison in agitation and admiration. O Lord, Thy light three worlds illumines A bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit without wick oil smoke Thou shines O wonderful lamp, brightening the whole universe Too strong for the mount quaking windy curse.

Bhajans and Prayers added. Due to the effect of Bhaktamar Stotra, Acharya Mantunga no more remained imprisoned.