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After his novitiate at Caserta completed in Marchand after leaving all his worldly possessions to the establishment of a mons pietatis in his home region, he received a homiletic and theological training. Aroundhe was in Southern Italy, where he became acquainted with Valdensian factions, where he preached during Lentand entered in discussions with Valdensian spokesmen, such as Andrea Ghetti da Volterra.

He died on 28 October Brown, The numerical distinction of sins according to the franciscan school of the seventeenth and eighteenth ,inguaggi, Studies in sacred theology, Second series, 10The Catholic University of America Press, Washington D.

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Later Bishop of Vich between Bernardinus de Feltre Tomitanus; Feltre -Pavia beatus. Eventually, Bartolomeo was elected provincial minister of the Mexican San Diego province. Suma o Compendio sobre la regla de los frayles menores, recopilada de la exposicion, que sobre ella hizo el R.


In he came with a completely revised version, the Rosella Casuum also known as the Summa Rosellaprinted in Venice. Opus Perfectum Concionatorum, in quo plurima ad conciones et pro concionatoribus proficua recensentur Paris, Written and preached at the occasion ddi the Conventual general chapter of Assisi of the same year.

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Editori di Quaracchi, anni dopo Rome,info on editions and studies. The Orazioni Sacre divise in due deche and the Prediche Quaresimali were published together in the Quaresimale e panegirici Livorno, Lector of philosophy and theology in the Franciscan studia network, as well as a renowned preacher active throughout the Italian peninsula in the s and s.

Costa, Motivi filosofici nel dissenso tra lo scotista B. Involved with the reform of the Benedictines of Montmartre, and spiritual counselor of high placed court officials and nobles, as well as of Blessed Mary of the Incarnation and Marie de Beauviulliers who reformed the monastery of Montmartrewhich also caused his involvement in pinguaggi controversies. Friar from the Toulouse province.

Basilius Ferrari Basilio Ferrari da Milano, fl. He probably must be identified with the Bartholomew who between or maybe between appeared as regent master of theology in Paris, as precursor of Matthew of Aquasparta, and followed the teachings of Bonaventure and Pecham over and against Thomas Aquinas in his disputed quaestions. Hieronymus de Molfetta Milan: Wadding, Annales Minorumad an.

Essays in Honor of J. Bartolomaeus de la Haye, see: A complete edition of his works was published as: For many years, he worked as a novice master, and in this capacity he wrote a number of works on the rule of Francis and on the way to live a Franciscan life. Bartholomaeus de Burquillis Bartolomeo de Burquillos, d. InBartholomaeus was appointed papal legate north of the Carpathians by Alexander IV, with the added task to engage in crusade preaching in Bohemia, Moravia, Poland, and Austria.

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See for more information also A. Formal, Das Seiende als transzendentaler oder supertranzendentaler Begriff. After severe discussions in front of cardinal Berard Beruli with theologians who thought this was against Christian doctrine, Barnaba and Fortunato were able to proceed. Squarise, Il concetto di coscienza nella teologia morale di Bartolomeo Mastri, in Storia e cultura… cit. Appunit de Mariain: Studied at the Observant study house at the Monteripido convent Perugia.

Learned theologian and versatile preacher in different languages Italian, Spanish, French, Latin. Explicit summa de casibus secundum Fratrem Bartholomaeum Mediolanensem de ord.

Convent preacher, lector of theology and definitor.

Brepols,; M. Balthasar del Castillo Baltasar del Castillo, fl. Became lector of philosophy and theology and thereafter general definitor and visitator of the Milan province for the Franciscan order.

Rome, I, ; A.

Blasius de Manzanares Blas de Manzanarez, fl. Barnabas de Gambellara – Took the Franciscan habit at Amsterdam inand returned to Louvain to study theology.

Active as preacher and guardian in Pisa between Theologian, exegete and preacher. The Medieval Discourseed.