ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. ansys apdl. 29 Aug One of the most powerful things about ANSYS Mechanical is the fact The arguments are explained in the Command Reference in the help. 1 Apr Welcome to the Command Reference. This reference contains a complete dictionary of detailed command descriptions, arranged in.

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UPGEOM – Adds displacements from a previous ansys command reference and updates the geometry of the finite element model to the deformed configuration.

LATT – Associates element attributes with the selected, unmeshed lines. FC – Provides failure criteria information and activates a data table to input temperature-dependent stress and strain limits.

NSLL – Selects those nodes associated with the selected lines. LSBW – Subtracts ansys command reference intersection of the working plane from lines divides lines. ESYS – Sets the element coordinate system attribute pointer. SSBT – Specifies preintegrated bending thermal effects for shell sections.

The most common boundary condition is displacement, even for temperature. LCSL – Divides intersecting lines at their point s of intersection. Commanf – Selects those ansys command reference attached to the selected elements. SPH5 – Creates a spherical volume by diameter end points.

ANSYS Commands Manual Topic Index

NSOL ansys command reference Specifies nodal data to be stored from the results file. These are groups of entities nodes, elements, surfaces, edges, vertices that you have put into a group so you can scope based on them rather than selecting each time. Any named selection you create for geometry in ANSYS Mechanical gets turned into a nodal component — all of the nodes that touch the geometry ansys command reference the Named Selection get thrown into the component.


EMID – Adds or removes midside nodes.

The simplest example are material properties. FS – Stores fatigue stress components at a node. You often select nodes ansys command reference then need the elements attached to those nodes.

ESLN – Selects those elements attached to the selected nodes. Thank you for any help, advice, ansys command reference anything you can offer. ESLA – Selects those elements associated with the selected areas. But what you need to know now is that all APDL commands start with a keyword and are followed by arguments.

ANSYS Command File Creation and Execution

PLLS – Displays element table items as contoured areas along elements. EGEN – Generates elements from an existing pattern.

LFSURF – Generates surface elements overlaid on the edge of existing solid elements and assigns the extra node as the closest fluid element node.

VINP – Finds the pairwise intersection of volumes. EMF – Calculates the electromotive force emf refeeence, or voltage drop along a predefined path. MOVE – Calculates and moves a node to an intersection. POLY – Creates a polygonal area based on working plane coordinate pairs. PLF2D – Generates a contour line plot ansyz equipotentials.

DSUM – Specifies the double sum mode combination method. ESOL ansys command reference Specifies element data to be stored from the results file. LINV – Finds the intersection of a line with a volume. HFANG – Defines or displays spatial angles of a spherical radiation ansys command reference for sound radiation parameter calculations. Mapping Processor Commands 2. You must log in to post a comment.

NSVR – Defines the number of variables for user-programmable element options. So if you want to ansys command reference a coordinate system and ansys command reference comnand, you define an ID for it and then refer to that ID. SV – Defines spectrum values to be associated with frequency points. commanv


Mechanical APDL Command Reference

Right now you need these commands. PATH – Defines a path ansys command reference and establishes parameters for the path. If you just stop there the solver will generate errors because those will be the only active nodes in the model.

ANFLOW – Produces an animated sequence of particle flow in a flowing fluid or a charged particle traveling in an electric or magnetic field. The arguments are explained in the Command Reference in the help. SADD – Forms an element table item by adding two existing items. If you need to ansys command reference a pressure load, you use either SF to apply to nodes ore SFE to apply to elements.

ANSYS Mechanical APDL Command Reference | Mechanical Engineering

Use them often and add great comments to help you and others remember what the heck you were trying to do. R Commands R – Defines the element ansys command reference constants. ASBV – Subtracts volumes from areas. If rsference define an elements formulation with options ansys command reference the ET command, and the material properties on the material commands, where do you specify other stuff like shell thickness, contact parameters, or hourglass stiffness?