Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. When Amos Tutuola’s first novel, The Palm-Wine Drinkard, appeared in , it aroused exceptional worldwide interest. Drawing on the West African Yoruba. The Palm-Wine Drinkard, in full The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm- Wine Tapster in the Dead’s Town, novel by Amos Tutuola, published in and .

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The problem with my reading is that, while I can do sensational monstrosities if unrooted in bigotrysuch material goes better in a visual form, especially when accompanied by music and animation and the like.

At that moment a heavy rain with a very strong wind came. When I knew that tomorrow will come, and apart paml-wine its simple fears, it will come and go. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

Immediately he entered this house, they golden-ghost, silverish-ghost and copperish-ghost stopped fighting at once. Even the hunters dreaded the Forest of God more than the Forest of Four Thousand Demons; and it was a law in our town that any hunter who had not hunted elephant must not go there to hunt, for it was the abode of wonders; it was where the birds talked like human beings, and animals bought and sold from and to one another; where many trees did not have roots, but looked fresh with evergreen leaves.

Bees, wasps and uncountable mosquitoes were also flying round him and it was hard to see him plainly because of these flies and insects. Thus, Nigeria aos wait until for independence. So by that my mind was not at rest to live there any longer except to continue to look for the way to my home town which I had left for about eighteen years, as I was remembering my mother at this time always.

Elsewhere we find witches meeting to devour a victim provided from the family of one of their company. In the fourteenth century c. View all 3 comments. But as the hair on his body should be first scraped off carefully and kept in a safe place, as it is very precious to all of them, so at first they scraped the hair on the first part of his body and when they were scraping the hair inside the pouch in which I slept, so the scrapers or knives which they were using mistakenly touched one of my feet suddenly, then I woke inside the pouch, but as I shook my body to left and right to come out as I did not know that it was inside the pouch of an animal I slept, I thought 96 The Short Ghosts and their Flash-eyed Mother I was inside a room.

Again all these dogs would be licking all tbe blood poured on to my head with their tongues, and as they were doing like this all the ghosts would come again and then all these domestic animals would run back to the town, so by that I had no chance to sleep or rest both palj-wine and night. So I simply entered it. But God is so good these three old ghosts were not satisfied with his judgement at all, and after they had rested for a few minutes, they started fighting again.

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View the Lesson Plans. Fear is present throughout. He is a member of the large Yoruba tribe, which numbers over four million people and is one of the most progressive elements in modern Drknkard.

The language, a kind of Nigerian-Yoruban-English patois, is amazingly papm-wine and delicious, and it is unfortunate that Tutuolo’s brilliance landed him in trouble for his presumed “primitiveness,” although what seems really at stake is his unsparing exposure of Y A novel of breathtaking originality and scope that, despite the fact that it is only pages and therefore is really a novella can be usefully compared to the tone, atmosphere, and thematics of Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruel.

Those Yoruba who did manage to get an education often sought positions within the civil servicewhich would allow them to earn a salary and escape the backbreaking labor of agriculture. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard and His Dead Palm-Wine Tapster in the Deads’ Town

Having de- veloped to that attractive state he would start to pretend to be sick continuously, but as he is very attractive to this woman, then she will be spending a lot of money on him to heal the sickness and also sacrificing to all kinds of gods. But as these river ghosts or sceptical ghosts hate the 72 River-Ghosts. After the qmos day that they thought so, they took me to a market for sale, but unfortunately nobody bought me until the evening that the market closed, then they took me back home.

After that he started to run as fast as he could along this road towards the enemies unnoticed and he was still looking at me as he was running away. Amos Tutuola, When I was a small boy I was told the story of a perfect gentleman who went to a market and returned from it with a girl that followed him. Mice were bigger than pouched rats, and snails tutulla bigger than tortoise in the Forest of Cod.

So after I had tried paml-wine my efforts on everything and failed, then I was thinking in my mind that it is better for me to die now than to be in punishment like this, so immediately I finished these thoughts the beak disap- peared together with the food and there was a mouth as usual and without hesitation I was moving together with the pitcher along the floor of this doorless room, but I saw nobody who was pushing me on and also all these ghosts which surrounded me disappeared unnoticed.

Drinkard uses it to feed the people, who flock to his house from all over.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard | novel by Tutuola |

Of course as a stream crossed the road on which we were travelling to this pasture so I was drinking the water from it when going early in the morning and also when returning in the evening and I was feeding only on this water as food.

It was in this doorless room which is in under- ground I first saw in my life that the biggest and longest among these snakes which was acting as a director for the rest vomited a kind of coloured lights from his mouth on to the floor of this room. And before they could come back to chase me again, as I was running helter-skelter in that bush for my life I mistakenly fell into a very deep pond which was full of water as it was in the rainy season and also covered by the weeds which disallowed me from seeing that there was palmwine pond.


Sometimes they were mistakenly biting me several times as drlnkard could not hesitate for suspicion of their boss who might punish them for stealing. Just a note derived from my comment on “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. The child drinks palm wine and eats food in prodigious amounts. The Palm-Wine Drinkard opens with the narrator, Drinkard, explaining his name: After that they put me among their cows which were eating grass at that time.

But as my mother was a petty trader who was going here and there, so one morning she went to a market which was about three miles away from our town, she rrinkard two slices of cooked yam for us my brother and my- self as she was usually doing.

This town is about six miles in circumference, it was as clean as a football field. A wonderful romp through incredible flights of imagination. The couple lives there for a year while Drinkard farms with the magic seeds from Wraith Island and becomes quite wealthy.

But as he was travelling along in the bush and as all the snakes on his body were not satisfied with the meat before him they were rushing to the inside of the bag and eating the meat which he threw into the bag and then rushing out at the same time so that he might drinnkard suspect them.

But as he himself was too young to lift or carry such weight like me, so by that he was unable to lift me to a distance of about ten feet before he would fall down four times or more. One must not be greedy, in the Yoruba worldview, and begrudge Orun its fair share.

So the ghost who carried me to that gate kicked the pitcher in which I was unnoticed and it broke into pieces, so im- mediately my body touched the ground then I changed at once to my former form before they put me in the pitcher. Oct 28, Mala rated it really liked it Recommends it for: When I believed that this ugly ghostess would not wait or stop for me in a place to look at her ugly appearance to my satisfaction then I branched from her and started to run to another part of this bush.

Both of us were playing about in the drinkarr in such a way that I did not remember to start to find the way to my home town again.

It still makes the hair rise on the back of my neck. No other tapster is skilled enough to replace the dead one. But soon, I found myself frowning and sighing and “Oh, godding!

This novella is a bewitching and torturous palj-wine the style, if close-read, might drive one to madness for fans of red-people, invisible-pawns, bush-ghosts, and elusive palm-wine tapsters. And the worst part of these punish- ments was palm-aine as I was tied in the sun all the young ghosts of this village were mounting me and getting dowm as if I am a tree as they were very surprised to see me as a horse.