ADuC/ADuC/ADuC Rev. B. Document Feedback. Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no. The ADuC also incorporates additional analog functionality WA TCHDO G TIME R. UART,I2C AND SPI. SERIA L I/O. ADuC XT AL2 .. data sheet. ADUC datasheet, ADUC circuit, ADUC data sheet: AD – MicroConverter Bit ADCs and DACs with Embedded High Speed kB Flash MCU.

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RI must be cleared by software. Cleared to let the baud rate be generated as per a standard Pricing displayed is based on 1-piece. This mode allows the part to capture a contiguous sample stream at full ADC update rates kHz. Timer 3 can be used instead of Timer 1 or Timer 2 for generating very accurate high speed UART baud rates including and All registers, except the program counter PC and the four general-purpose register banks, reside in the SFR area.

Cleared by software to select timer operation input from internal system clock. It provides an interface between the CPU and all on-chip peripherals. In this mode, the UART operates in 9-bit mode with a fixed baud rate.

Thus, one can think of it as counting machine cycles. Latches the data byte from Port 0 into the external data memory.

Set by the user to enable the serial port to use Timer 2 overflow pulses for its receive clock in datashewt port Modes 1 and 3. Serial Port Transmit Bit 9. However, if the first byte still has not been read by the time reception of the second byte is complete, the first byte is lost.

Otherwise, the port pin is stuck at 0. Also note that the SS pin is not used in master mode. This is done by duplicating the last channel ID to be converted followed by into the next channel selection field. External Memory Address A0. Though the op datashet in Table 12 are capable of delivering output signals that very closely approach ground, no amplifier can deliver signals all the way to ground when powered by a single supply.


The sample rate is then zduc841 the inverse of the total conversion time described previously. External Memory Addresses A8.

Dual 8-bit PWM 1 1 0 Mode 6: Thus, if the user needs to use more than one register bank, the adu841 pointer should be initialized to an area of RAM not used for data storage. If the external crystal subsequently becomes disconnected, the PLL rails. The stack can be located anywhere in the internal memory address space, and the stack depth can be expanded up to bytes.

Write Collision Error Bit. Port 0 pins with 0s written to them drive a logic low output voltage VOL and are capable of sinking 1. Cleared by the user to allow the interval counter to be automatically reloaded and start counting again at each interval timeout. Cleared by the user to disable I2C stop interrupts.

aduc datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Set to 0 by the user to force the output of DAC0 to 0 V. Note datxsheet the serial port debugger is fully contained on the part unlike ROM monitor type debuggersand therefore no external memory is needed to enable in-system debug sessions. Cleared by the user to enable Timer 1 adcu841 to be used for the transmit clock. In fact, both serial download and serial port debug modes can be thought of as essentially one mode of operation used in two different ways.

Whenever possible, avoid large discontinuities in the ground plane s like those formed by a long trace on the same layersince they force return signals to travel a longer path. Reduced code datashwet of to0 V to VDD range.


Set to 0 by the user to enable the DAC output buffer.

ADUC Datasheet(PDF) – Analog Devices

This line is active low. When the destination operand is a port or dtasheet port bit, these instructions read the latch rather than the pin.

This interrupt is not disabled by the CLR EA instruction, and it is also a fixed, high priority wduc841. The devices do not support external code memory. Specifications subject to change without notice. Figure 30 shows the equivalent circuit of the analog input section. They are not necessary if the op amp is powered from the same supply as the part since in that case the op amp is unable to generate voltages above VDD or below ground. The parts support dual data pointers.

Cleared by the user to enable the 32 kHz oscillator in power-down mode. Fast Interrupt Response Bit. A subsequent adtasheet of the ECON SFR results in 0 being read if the verification is valid, or a acuc841 value being read to indicate an invalid verification.

Figure 22 shows the voltage output of the on-chip temperature sensor versus temperature. Set by hardware to indicate the source of an I2C interrupt.

Analog Devices ADuC841

The various ranges specified are as follows: A summary of the SFRs used to control and configure these peripherals is datashret given. Baud rate generation is described as part of the UART serial port operation in the following section.

Timer 1 Timer or Counter Select Bit.