Listen to “A.D. After Disclosure When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact” by Richard M. Dolan available from Rakuten Kobo. 25 Oct A.D. After Disclosure is Dolan and Zabel’s first collaboration, and they make an interesting pairing. Dolan is a historian, who has been. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. PRIME · CONCEPT · SOURCE · VISION · VOICES · INCIDENT · #TRUTHNOW · CONTACT.

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Those who have held this secret for so long need to understand that the river of time cannot stop, and that truth cannot indefinitely discloosure denied. These and other relevant questions are asked and answered, providing a concise treatment of the modern UFO phenomenon in all its controversial glory.


Read this book and discuss it with your friends and colleagues. Worth a read if you are even slightly curious. Instead, people seem to have settled on one conclusion:. The thing that scares I read a.d.afyer as an ebook but I think I might go buy it as a hardcopy.

A.D. After Disclosure (Audiobook) by Bryce Zabel, Richard M. Dolan |

Yes, what if the “Others” as they are called in the book, are ethereal beings related to our subconscious? And, they refrain from speculating about the technological capabilities of the “Others” other than to state that they must be far in advance of our own. If you can at least acknowledge the possibility that some UFO sightings are expla I could not put this disclosurr down.


Feb 08, Phillip rated it really liked it Shelves: The title should be at least 4 characters long. Letter to a Christian Nation.

It’s one in which life carries on pretty much as before, with just the one factor changed. So far a very interesting read I Am The Word.

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Very interesting book, nothing really newbut gives an interesting idea of what may happen if governments world wide have to admit there is life elsewhere. I expected a lot out of this book, but it seemed a bit repetitive, like it a.d.after writing to a readership that had to be convinced that UFOs exist at all.

He examines tales of ancient flight and the technology that it involved; how the ancients used electricity; megalithic building techniques; the use of crystal lenses and the fire from the gods; and more. Whether they be angels, demons, good, bad, or indifferent to our fate, do not fear them. How to write a great review. He was writing a book about U. If you do, get this book. In a sense, we will also see a 21st century version of the s, in which a great shock the JFK a.d.afte in one case, UFO Disclosure in the other is followed by disillusionment.

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In so doing, we review the best research about the possible nature of these disclosurf visitors, discovering that there are more and more interesting possibilities than many people may have realized. Who will be making the decisions affecting humanity?

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How will our legal system incorporate the reality of an alien presence that might not recognize our laws?

As I said earlier, nobody does it better than Richard Dolan when it comes to thorough research communicated in a solid writing style. Consider the possibilities available to any person or group covertly employing journalists. Do not fear the secret-keepers, for they are people, too, who have a.d.afteer done what they have out of the belief that it was best.

Please review your cart. Upon completion found myself frustrated upon confirmation of realization that the masses are often relegated to the category of q.d.after useless eaters by the cognoscenti. Over the years, determined researchers have forced the release of once-classified reports prepared by the U.

If you are interested at all in this question, I highly recommend this book. In that sense, even discloaure Disclosure were never to happen, or at least never to happen as we think it will, we feel this book is of value nevertheless by demonstrating the multifaceted, revolutionary nature of the UFO phenomenon.

Whenever the day comes, an endless tsunami of questions that will result. If by chance our government were forced to admit that Earth is indeed being visited by non-human intelligence, what would be the ramifications?