The Kings’ dwarf monitor (Varanus kingorum) is one of the smallest species of monitor lizard in existence. The King’s dwarf monitor is smaller than an ackie, and perhaps not as robust, but it’s still . Blood and Short-tailed Python Care Sheet. like to add to this care sheet,please contact [email protected] One Or Two? One is fine,but two is more fun for you and the monitors. Advocating and performing proper monitor lizard husbandry.

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A basking spot on the warm end, usually provided by a spotlight, should range anywhere from to degrees Fahrenheit 60 to 76 degrees Celsius on the substrate surface not air temperature. For some reason, the data did not load properly.

Handle your monitor by placing one hand over another, and continue this process, while the bonding process is starting try not to handle monitr for too long, minutes at a time is good. The Art of Keeping Snakes.

Ackie Monitors (Varanus acanthurus) Care Sheet

The monitor should have bright clear eyes, and should not have too much stuck shed to their skin. Further evidence that suggests the red ackie is, indeed, V.

This species grows rapidly and can possibly reach adult size and breed as early as 6 months of age. They love to chase prey,and they will get used to you feeding them,so much so they may scratch at the glass when you enter the room waiting for “the food god” to feed them.

Just try mknitor avoid being ripped off.

Ackie Monitor Care

The best way to do this is by giving them as many areas of different temperatures as possible. The first step is to setup a enclosure before you purchase your monitor although, this rule can be followed for any species of petthis will ensure that proper basking temps, and hides will be available for your monitor species.

As they get older and bigger every other day would be fine. These guys cost a lot of money, in some ways it’s good because people won’t casually buy it for a gift, like they do with green iguanas Iguana iguanaand savannah monitors Varanus exanthematicusalong with several other cherished species in the reptile hobby.


I have noticed that females of both subspecies in my collection also tend to be less shy towards their keepers than males, although both male and female reds can be snappier than yellows, which never seem to bite.

Body size also varies greatly, with some animals reaching total lengths of 30 inches The greatest clue to whether a female has laid is if the burrow is filled in and she is sitting near the entrance or on top of the lay box.

King’s Dwarf Monitor Care And Breeding

While they do spend some time hiding, they are out and about throughout the day, and are generally bold around people. Make sure you get this stuff right and it should make your monitor very happy. Its total length is 7 to 9 inches, with more than half of that being its tail.

This interesting social behavior has also been noted in captivity, where alpha males and females rank the highest in group situations. Adding water during this time is believed to be the cause of young fully formed animals dying in the egg as a result of “drowning. Making the substrate layer thick and moist will aid in keeping your monitor hydrated and shedding properly. It is very important to not disturb her during this time. For adults, as previously mentioned days a week with the cxre of feeding bowls works well.

I aim for a hot spot of around degrees Fahrenheit. At this time, I normally reduce temperatures by roughly 20 degrees Fahrenheit and shut off one of two basking lights.

Coloration is rusty brown and orange with darker reticulations throughout the body.

If it hides and does not move for days on end after being handled, decrease handling time and frequency. Your monitor should eventually start to get curious enough to investigate your hand, once this happens you can start to handle your monitor inside of its enclosure, remember: Always be sure to read your monitor’s behavior: Hatchling ackies may begin to feed within 24 hours of hatching.


Ackie Monitor Care

Ackies Monitors are found widely throughout most of Australia. Like many Australian monitors, they require lots of heat. If kept warm and fed daily, spiny-tailed monitors will begin to copulate many times a day, usually in the spring and summer months, and ending around October; although this pattern differs greatly depending on temperatures, food and light cycles, as well as where the animals are geographically located.

Most will become quite tame our male is very tame, the female less so, although she can be handled. Also, by having a dark rest period they tend to be more acitve during the limited around 12 hours daylight hours. Ask to see the monitor eat, and for pictures on their original enclosures. One interesting behavior common to immature animals, even hatchlings, is they may show mating behavior, but this does not mean they are a certain gender. This is critical since all reptiles are cold blooded and need to regulate their body temperatures by the temperatures of their environment.

Some people claim the red ackies are more prone to biting,but as with most reptiles each one is different.

Perhaps with some education and persistence, people will learn that these small captive-bred lizards not only make excellent, manageable pets, but they can help take pressure off larger species that are still being imported from the wild today.

You want it to stick together without being sopping wet.

Should caree keep wild-caught? Due to their small size, intelligence, calm demeanor and incredible reproductive output, “ackies” are on their way to being America’s new favorite lizard. Handling In addition to being fascinating and hardy captives, Ackies Monitors are relatively easy to handle.